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I was invited to take part in a interview series called Beautiful Souls Doing Beautiful Things by The Gratitude Butterfly, on all things body acceptance, positive body image and self love. The interview went live on today so I thought I'd share it here for you to read, too.


What is your name, business name and star sign.
My name is Bianca Judd, I own a business called Hoola Collective and my star sign is Aquarius.

Tell us a bit about you, the beautiful soul behind Hoola Collective.
I’m 22, I’ve grown up in a small town in NSW (Australia) that has less than 10,000 people and I love all things beach, food and cats (lol)!

What was your inspiration for creating Hoola Collective?
I started Hoola Collective just over a year ago when I wanted to take the leap towards my dream business - combining together my love of swimwear and passion for helping people feel and be their best inside and out.

Tell us about Hoola Collective, and its mission.
Hoola Collective is a swimwear label and ultimately our mission is to spread a positive and confident attitude in women all over the world.
Body image issues are so common place in our modern society, for women and men. How is this impacting how people around the world interact with each other, and the impact this causes to them living their lives?
I personally think body image issues put an unfortunate stop to people living their lives (I know it did in ways for me). Whether it’s constantly envying others, becoming obsessed with how we and everyone around us looks, fear of judgment from others, not feeling as though we are worthy - all these things stop us from doing, wearing, saying, being what we want or who we really are. There are so many amazing people fighting back against negative body image these days which empowers others to do the same and ultimately brings people together. In saying this, there is still so much negative energy out there and you will always get those trying to bring others down if they look to be getting ahead in life (including with positive body image). I think we just need to continue doing what we can to help people realise that how we look is purely just superficial ‘outside’ stuff and there is so much more to life. We choose for ourselves how we feel, both negative and positive.

What you are doing is so awe-inspiring. What or Who inspires you and why?
‘What’ inspires me is when I see people, from all walks of life, loving and embrace who and how they are no matter what. When I see women humbly ‘rocking what they’ve got’ in true confidence, that’s inspiring. And my hope is for all women to be able to do that. With no fear of judgment, no need to cover parts of them they might not particularly like, no desire to fit in with what society says we should do and be like. At the end of the day, life is short so just wear the bikini and love you! Please.

Hoola Collective not only promotes positive body image and self love, but are also dedicated to creating sustainable swimwear. This is amazing! We would love to know more about how you do this and why you chose to make your swimsuits using eco-friendly materials.
All of our swimwear is created using sustainable Lycra, which is made using ECONYL® - 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets and other nylon waste. When I wear swimwear, it needs to be comfortable and it needs to be high quality, so when I had to choose what we would be making our swimwear from and this sustainable option ticked all the boxes, it was a no brainer! Amazing swimwear and helping to making a difference in the world all at the same time.

You also work with the Pretty Foundation, who are an amazing organisation who’s mission is: “To empower women and girls with the perspective, skills and support to develop and nurture a positive body image for themselves and others.” What is a way that people can help support or get involved with Hoola Collective and the Pretty Foundation?
An easy way is that whenever you purchase from our online store, $2 will go straight to the Pretty Foundation and support the amazing work they are doing.

Any advice for the other beautiful souls out there that have a positive uplifting idea or concept but may be at a loss/struggling on how to move their plans out of their heads and into reality?
Just start. If it is what you really want to do, no matter how scary or ridiculous some people might think it is, just start! No matter how long it takes you to bring your idea to reality, doing something that lights you up and you enjoy is how life is meant to be lived, right?

Where can people find you and Hoola Collective? (any social medias, email addresses, websites etc.)
I’d love for you to follow us on Instagram or Facebook @hoolacollective, our website is and if you want to get in direct contact with Hoola Collective and myself you can always say hey at

And finally: Please finish this sentence: Gratitude to me is…
… being able to acknowledge what a gift we, ourselves, are and everything around us and acting according to that.


Check out the complete interview here:

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