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Kate is a passionate life coach, speaker and writer whose purpose is to help you free yourself of jealousy, and live on your own terms.

Through her online space, coaching sessions and sold out workshops, Kate helps you cut through the internal nastiness, and turn your inner voice into one of love.

She’s an advocate for self care, living gently and getting super comfortable in your own skin. She’s passionate about passion, and loves nothing more than seeing women live a life they love.

You can find Kate online at WWW.KATECADDLE.COM

Hoola Collective has a Body Love philosophy, which notes the importance of self-talk, self-image and self-love. We are passionate about empowering, inspiring and supporting women on their journey to re-gaining their Body Love. Hoola Collective represents loving you for who you are, and believe all women should be able to love themselves in swimwear.

1. What is Body Love? When you hear the term Body Love, what does it mean to you?

For me, body love means unconditionally accepting your body both externally and internally.

I believe that fully being able to love and accept what you see in the mirror, is about fully loving and accepting who you are as a person on the inside, or at least choosing to continue to work on that connection.

Body Love is possible for every single woman, but it takes a conscious choice to make a change, and then a commitment to that change.

2. Last year, according to Dove research statistics, only 20% of women felt body confident, while 9 in 10 women would stop themselves from eating if they didn’t feel good about how they looked, in Australia. What do believe to be the biggest contribution to the lack of Body Love and positive body image, among women of all ages?

I think this is definitely a tricky subject, but we need to be having this discussion, what stays in the darkness doesn’t get the chance to heal.

So many women are brought up to hate on their bodies. Whether it’s media messages, or that of the women around them, body hate is really pushed on us from a young age. On the flip side women who are confident and happy with themselves are often shamed for it, which then can turn into questioning self-acceptance.

I used to be a dancer, and it took up a really big part of my life. I absolutely loved it, and I was very fit because of that. I felt strong and flexible in my body, and had no body image issues. But I remember in high school that some of my school mates would say things to me like ‘go and eat a pie’ or ‘do you have an eating disorder?’

Now I look back on it with a grain of salt, and have a little chuckle, but the truth was, I was confident, until someone told me otherwise.

For all of us, we are born comfortable and confident in our bodies. It’s not until someone, whether it’s a person or media, tells us different, that we begin to question what we once believed about ourselves.

Until we acknowledge that, and bring light to it, and take responsibility for how we took that on, we will continue to hate on ourselves.

Again it comes back to making a choice to heal, and then taking action, changing the pattern, and doing something differently.

3. How do you personally combat any negative Body Love issues that may arise in your life?

It’s always about awareness and self-love. If I notice that I’m being nasty to myself about my body, I allow myself to feel the emotion (eg anger, frustration, shame, sadness), which is very different to entering into the story (eg I’m so fat, no one will ever love me).

Once I’ve allowed the emotion to move through me, and I’ve respected what it’s about, I then do something that makes me feel amazing on the inside. Maybe it’s taking a bath, cuddling my dogs, getting out in nature or reading a book.

We have the power to make that shift back to love, and when we realise that, everything changes.

4. When do you feel completely at your best – mind, body and soul?

I feel completely at my best when I have nurtured myself, practiced boundaries, and am honouring who I am and what I need. When all of this is in check, I feel on top of the world!

5. Feeling confident, attractive and ‘in-love’ with who are you when wearing swimwear is an issue for a lot of women, and one we are passionate about changing. Unfortunately for a lot of women, the goal is to change their body so they ‘look good’ in swimwear. Share your opinion on this. Do you agree that feeling confident and loving whom you are/how you look can’t solely be fixed with changing how you look on the outside?

Of course not, I believe that true happiness and love comes from deep within us, and we will never love who we are on the outside, if we don’t love who we are on the inside.

In saying this, it’s important to not dismiss certain anything around health as well. If you look at your body and don’t like what you see, there is an opportunity for emotional growth there! And when you become aware of that, you have started the chain of events to make a change for the better. Again, it’s about making a different choice – one towards loving yourself on the inside first.

And maybe sometimes we do need to lose some weight in order to be in healthy place, but you will never find what you want to feel in a diet. You will find it when you go inward and lovingly respect yourself in your entirety.

As long as your motivation comes from a place of LOVE (eg I want to nourish my body because I deeply respect it) not fear (Once I lose this weight everyone will accept me), you will be setting yourself on the right path!

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