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Clair is a Psychic, Spiritual Life Coach and Louise Hay Heal your Life Teacher. Clair uses all her "Clair's" to provide a spiritual reading that provides guidance and clarification from the most authentic space. Her Coaching Sessions and Workshops are empowering women to Love Yo'self! By working through our blocks and limiting beliefs and conditioning, that no longer serve us. With loving guidance Clair shares self love tools and introduces them so that people can start to live their truth and to come from love on a daily basis. And in turn creates a new style of thinking with endless possibilities.

Hoola Collective has a Body Love philosophy, which notes the importance of self-talk, self-image and self-love. We are passionate about empowering, inspiring and supporting women on their journey to re-gaining their Body Love. Hoola Collective represents loving you for who you are, and believe all women should be able to love themselves in swimwear.

1. What is Body Love? When you hear the term Body Love, what does it mean to you?

When I think if Body Love I think of a complete package. It is loving yourself from the inside out. And then in turn, as we learn to love who we are internally we will start to reflect that and love our Body on the outside. Creating positive belief systems at a young age around, food and self esteem and body image can really help!

2. Last year, according to Dove research statistics, only 20% of women felt body confident, while 9 in 10 women would stop themselves from eating if they didn’t feel good about how they looked, in Australia. What do believe to be the biggest contribution to the lack of Body Love and positive body image, among women of all ages?

My clients, when we speak about body image, there is a story that always comes through. And it is that someone has told them that they were fat, or to they need to loose weight etc at some time in their lives. This creates a belief that they are not worthy. So they in turn do not feelloved or worthy on the inside which moves through them to their external selves. It can be statement that was made to not harm the person but it ends up being something they carry through their entire life.

3. How do you personally combat any negative Body Love issues that may arise in your life?

I try to always check in with myself and truly be honest with how I am feeling in Mind, Body and Spirit. I embrace the hips that god gave me to carry the 2 children that I have. I try and look and return to love as quickly as possible. When I feel I am detaching from myself with negative inner chatter. The quicker that you can come back from negativity to positivity the more that you can look at every part of you with love.

4. When do you feel completely at your best – mind, body and soul?

When, I am in alignment with myself and spirit and the universe. And spreading my knowledge in an authentic, beautiful way.

5. Feeling confident, attractive and ‘in-love’ with who you are when wearing swimwear is an issue for a lot of women, and one we are passionate about changing. Unfortunately for a lot of women, the goal is to change their body so they ‘look good’ in swimwear. Share your opinion on this. Do you agree that feeling confident and loving whom you are/how you look can’t solely be fixed with changing how you look on the outside?

No. I believe that true happiness comes from internal work, developing and moving through your beliefs and fears with the tools to help you return back tolove. Sure there is a "high" that you get but it is short lived when you realise that there is still work to do. And if you have created the expectation that once you get there, everything will be better or fixed it will create disappointment within yourself.

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  • Grace on

    Clair you are amazing! So inspiring! What a great read!

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